Wonderful day

It has been the most brilliantly clear day here


It’s a cold wind but fine out of it, with sunshine from sunrise and probably to sunset I am certain. A wonderful sky also since the sun broke the peak of Benmore this morning,. The sea is flecked with the white crests of a million waves. Benmore is capped with snow but the colours of nature are staggering today and it is a photographers paradise ..

What will the sunset be like tonight I wonder with such clear conditions.

I don’t really have the words to a aptly describe the island today, so I will get out while the going is good as they say.

Wish you were all here !!

Magical again here

I am running out of superlatives to describe Mull in its various exotic poses each day.


Here we are today with a golden landscape stretching to the cliffs below the house. Then we have a light ripple on a very calm blue sea. Beyond that is Inch Kenneth full of history and  which adorns Loch an keal and the views onward toward Staffa and Fingals cave, then on to Iona. The south of Mull is a long crumpled looking landscape and pretty black looking right now.

Above the south of mull and Iona is an equally long but wider strip of pink and occasionally dense Orange sky reaching up to a lovely chalky blue sky and above all of that wonderfully coloured clouds now with the sun getting ready to burst forth.


Finally I have to state WOW !!!!! Because it is now sensational





As Predicted

Well as I predicted this morning the weather has improved greatly now and I have another huge Turner Painting from my office it seems


The landscape out from the house is very colourful, the sea and wind have calmed for now. I can see Inch Kenneth very clearly and the rugged coast of the South of Mull and Iona.


It could even be very sunny soon and don’t forget we have some of the cleanest rain in the world anyway, with no pollution at all, unlike mainland Britain


It’s the most wonderful sky right now being very blue with dappled clouds adding more to the scene. Simply beautiful, and even better than that !!


Very poor weather this morning

Well from here I can’t see the sea today except hazy glimpses of white capped waves through the mist and very wild weather.

Mother nature seems to be back to her extremes just to attract attention to herself again. But with some luck it may all calm down around lunchtime !


Happy New Year everyone


David Woodhouse



Who Knows

Who knows what is in store for here today?

It began as excepted with black conditions early morning, but at around 8pm the rising sun started appearing way over Benmore and by early afternoon it was clearing, until about 2pm  when it had cleared completely and now its pretty lovely again and sunny. The sea is either dark blue or golden depending on which way the sun is shining its rays.


However as I have just sat down to follow Sheffield United’s progress today I can see big showers shaping up from  the west

Happy New Year everyone.

Odd Day

Mother Nature is at it again here. I am sure it is just plain boredom on her part.

Early morning was black as soot until late morning when it turned drizzly.

Then on the way back from Tobermory there was the sun way ahead of me over Iona and I was up for chasing it, until now, when it has got a little misty at 3pm but may get sunny again in time.


In fact here we go with a golden sky now rising off the horizon !!


Will the mist win and close its doors, or will the golden sky get bigger and force the mist into submission ?


Does this posting sound like a fairy story in the making ??




Lucy, Sonny, Charlie and Rufus

Yesterday I returned after visiting the grandchildren and their mum in Glasgow, thanks to the generosity of Timmy and David who gave me a lift and came along with  me and I know we each had a super time with Lucy and the children, who are getting more and more interesting particular little Rufus who’s speech and word choices seem to be getting more and more posh  !!


As usual back on Mull the weather had been pretty good, unlike the rest of the Uk and after picking my minibus up at the ferry point which had spent the night there I had the most spectacular run home up Loch na Keal .


What a welcome it was as I left Salen and could see this brilliant Orange and Pink sky coming this way from the far west.

It looked like hundreds of giant fluorescent peaches adorning the whole horizon.

getting closer I found myself repeating WOW and WOW a few time more, as I climbed to the high point looking out over Ulva and the world beyond.

I really don’t know how Mother Nature can repeatedly conjure up such wonderful visual effects each day, as she does here in these most romantic of Island places.

Thankyou Timmy and David for the adventure  XX

trip to Calgary

Myself, Timmy and David had a really lovely day today spending a lot of time at Calgary and enjoying the wonderful views out over Loch na Keal and the many islands beyond . It was a very calm and windless day again and I had good views of a sitting Golden  Eagle on rocky topped hill at Treshnish Haun before went down to Calgary and followed the footpath around the headland and we walked halfway toward Calliach Point which is one  of our best land based cetacean viewing headlands.

It was great to get out and about and stretching my legs again after spending too much time indoors lately.

Timmy is a super cook like his brother Sam and pork, chicken, Christmas pudding, drinks etc. were all delicious. Forgot to mention the pigs in blanket and really tasty stuffing. Sam gave a lot of thought about presents again and came up with more Russian stamps for my collections which will be his one day.


Have a super festive time everyone who might have sent me cards and I hope to see you all on Mull again this Spring and Summer.

what a day

It is just coming to 1pm but what a wonderful day it has been here on the West Coast of Mull.

The only drawback is that a BT engineer was supposed to be here by now to fix some things regarding our landline and lots of static !

The light from my office is so wonderful, with a soft white glow out over the sea all the way  to Iona and the engineer !! Again the sea is flat as a pancake and the mountains across Loch na keal have their own soft grey light and each is topped by brilliant white  sunshine. Looking out to Iona and the South of Mull again it reminds me greatly of scenes in the tropics and if Inch Kenneth had a few palms on there it would look even more like some tropical paradise. The only difference is that their sea will be warm. We have this massive expanse of blue sky streaked with white clouds and I am now reminded about the starry starry night that we all had last night.