Is it never going to rain again?

It has been sunny all day and even now at almost 10 o’clock it is still sunny.

On Todays Wildlife Tour I had an early otter before picking people up. Thereafter, when we  were gathered we had close views of a Sea Eagle Slavonian Grebes, another sea eagle in the middle of Loch na Keal, red deer, seals of course, golden eagle, female hen harriers and an hour ago I had Mr Handsome the male hen harrier cross our track by my minibus and go dancing along toward Loch na Keal too. He was brilliantly  white and deserves his star rating.

Another small colourful star is the whinchat which looked exotic in the scope.

In short then lots of sightings today and more to come I am sure.

BBC weather

Every day I am awed at what the BBC claim is happening with the weather each day here, because all that we have seen for weeks is sun, sun and more sun.

We need rain here more than anything now, which they keep forecasting but it never happens.

Their weather station on Tiree needs updating   to L La  Land.


BBC weather forecasts

I had to go to Oban today as I am needing a phone charger for my mobile when I am out and about. I have managed for some time now but I do need this facility. For instance I am off distributing my large  box of wildlife leaflets very shortly and I will need my mobile to be regularly charged and this new charger will help a lot.

It has been another terrific day and again the weather forecasters getting it wildly wrong. But it is  rain that we need now not more burning sun !!

It’s not so unusual for these islands to annually have a very long spell without water and initially it feels good, but reality like now is setting in and I pity islanders that don’t have their own well and water supply such as we do.

Wonderful sail to and from Oban though today with the entire ocean like milk


Still tropical

Well it is much the same here, with too much heat and too much business… I need a rest like everyone else !!

Sea eagles and golden eagles again, great northern divers still it seems wanting to stay on Mull rather than go home now, nice shot of Slavonian grebe from one of my guests. Big sighting today enjoying the porpoise returning not far off our Ferry from Oban To Craignure.

They are something of a marker for me. For if they are back then more will be seen around the island now.

Lots snd lots of p[people from overseas still visiting the Hebridean Islands along with the porpoise and we had lots of smiling faces enjoying the beauty of Mull and the seas that surround it and I know they will come again.

Remember though, I want keen people, not those just looking for something to do !!  Please  XXX




Another glorious day

Maybe it’s now getting just too glorious up here in The Scottish Islands.

I am pers0nally exhausted with it, but losing my mobile only to find it again exhausted me more!

Anyway, today White Tailed Sea Eagles, super otter and lots of smaller birds everywhere now, a distant Male Hen Harrier in Glenmore and a very keen bunch of customers today.


I am ssorry I can’t write anymore this evening as I have to prepare for another tour for tomorrow.

inspiring day again

Well it’s now 8.15 in the evening , The sun is till blazing away and becoming simply too hot !!

The sea is still l like a millpond, swallows are wheeling around the building as if they are very happy.

Maybe they had also been waiting for this much better weather too, this Spring.

The landscape is altogether far more verdant now and all we need to feel we are in the tropics is a really good downpour of rain, which would also save me carrying lots of water out to our meadow and up to my fruit bushes which I have a lot of confidence in.

Here in the Hebridean Islands there  are magical places in my opinion and where mother nature is in control and can be trusted to take care of it, whereas our leaders cannot.

Glorious day again

Well a super day yesterday I think, with again lots of sightings and highlights.

We had as many as 8 White Tailed  Sea Eagles on Loch  na  keal, flying mainly but sitting too.

Our male otter was just before Gribbun cliffs and everyone behaved well in not spooking him. However he eventually got a fish and came onshore with it, but as it neared us with everyone standing very still it looked up through its face full of whiskers and wandered ahead of us. Lots of Great Northern Divers again reluctant it seems to head north yet and home

Lots of smaller birds yesterday and the Prized  Golden Eagles soaring above us.

Too late I am afraid to look for hen harriers and short eared owls, as the ferry to the mainland was beckoning at least one of our group.

Tomorrow is another day then, but right now on Saturday June 2nd the mist is backing off, so possibly more heat  but haven’t we had enough up here now ??

Good day again

On yesterdays tour we had views of White Tailed Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles.

We also had a lot of Great Northern Divers in summer plumage and the odd Slavonian Grebe in summer plumage.

No otters though and no bowls for the soup because i forgot them all !!!

However there was a lot of humour and much banter and interest about Mull from everybody on the day..

We latterly, after a bit of a wait, one of the adult sea eagles coming into its nest area with prey.

Lots of smaller birds now with grey wagtails, yellow hammer, Dipper, skylarks, plenty of  swallows sand martins,  wheatears etc.


Of course everyone on the Island now gets a regular sunset to die for !!!


Amazing weather ofcourse again

I think I have neglected  to mention a number of grey wagtail sightings lately and which, as most know, are pretty yellow and almost exotic !!

More interesting may be the possible Wildcat that wandered in front of our house a couple of days ago.

They are not supposed to to be here but we suddenly get a burst of claims from different people but needed is a carcase or droppings to take things further.

Rarely but occasionally

It is a rare occasion for me, but on my last Wildlife Tour which was a couple f days ago and Tuesday 22nd of May, someone on the trip accidentally or deliberately walked off with my plastic file which has illustrations of all the things that people might want to see.

Please return it as I don’t have a copy of it and it is stealing of course